Team Riders

Assault Team Rider - Loryn RobersonSeptember 18, 2015

Name: Loryn Leslie Roberson

Nickname: Lo Hometown: Beaverton, Michigan

How long have you been skating: 5 years

Sponsors: Action Board Shop, Omen Longboards, Detroit Bearing Co., Arsenal Trucks! 

First setup: basic pintail cruiser off eBay

Current Setup: Omen Barfight with 45\35 Arsenal trucks, 87/85 venom bushings up front and 87/90 in back with sugar cubes and Detroit bearing co. bearings.

What is your favorite hill: Kozakov

Regular or Goofy: Regular

Favorite after-sesh meal: Ice cream

Tell us about yourself/age: I'm a twenty three years old. I graduated from Central Michigan University in 2014 with a major in Integrative Public Relations and a minor in leadership. It was there that I discovered my passion for longboarding and my desire to host awesome events.

Fun fact about you: I love picking up hitch hikers.

Other Hobbies: yoga, swimming.

If you could pick any movie character to describe your life what would it be: The red head from American pie, but instead of band camp I'm going to skate events.

Skater Idols: Amanda Powell, Elena Corrigall.

Shoutouts: ? MIDH homies. My roots.