Team Riders

Assault Team Rider - Matt KingSeptember 18, 2015

Name: Matt king

Nickname: Dabs

Hometown: Bradford Ontario, Canada

How long have you been skating: I've been skating since I was really young but skating downhill for the last few years

Sponsors: Arsenal Trucks

First setup: (all around): Sector Nine Carbon Decay, Paris trucks and Abec 11 Gumballs Current

Current Setup: Landyachtz Osteon, Arsenal trucks and Orangatang kegels.

What is your favorite hill: A secret golf course.

Regular or Goofy: Goofy

Favorite after-sesh meal: Noodles

Tell us about yourself/age: 16 years old

Other Hobbies: Snowboarding and Fishing

If you could pick any movie character to describe your life what would it be: Samuel L Jackson (he sends it)

Skater Idols: Byron Essert

Shout outs: Shout out to The Escarpment Surfers and everyone else killing it in in Ontario!