Team Riders

Recon Flow Team Rider - Johnny RuizFebruary 24, 2015

Name: Johnny Ruiz

Nickname: Daj. my homie Tyler came up with it my freshman year of high school short for Adagio

Hometown: Glendora CA

How long have you been skating: dh about 3 years street always puttin' around in parks or stairsets

Sponsors: Riviera Boards, (Arsenal Trucks), Divine Wheel Co., Ojoom Pucks, Xtreme BoardShop, and #Teamkillsauce

First setup: (all around): phew the first board I ever went fast on was a sector 9 slalom board with TKP Gullwing

Mission 1's 169 with sector 9 Ghost thanes 78a black. Kids don't try that!

My first real dh board was a s9 Roxanne with 42* Randals and venom cannibals 80a damn I miss it sometimes.

Current Setup: I now ride a Riviera Dubes special on some Arsenal Precisions with magic shroom bearings and Divine Road Rippers preferably 78a70mm

What is your favorite hill: Azusa Canyons 55+ with drifting wooh! That's a rush

Regular or Goofy: more regular than goofy but comfy on both

Favorite after-sesh meal: In-n-Out Forsure, nothing beats that double double meal with a large coke after a fat session.

Tell us about yourself/age: I'm 16 years old, and I've always believed to live life to the fullest and look at the bright side of everything, the glass is half full and when you have a positive outlook on life, positive things tend to occur around you! Karma can be nasty so don't give her the chance to get you back!

Fun fact about you: hmmm, I've broken my left pinky 6 different times, and I just might be one of the pickiest eaters you will ever meet.

Other Hobbies: kick back with my girlfriend, watch tv with family, listen to music, video games, you know normal 16 year old stuff

If you could pick any movie character to describe your life what would it be: dang that's a tough one, I think out of everyone I would have to say Jim from treasure planet.

Skater Idols: Tim Del Rosario, Michael Melone, and Ben DeSnyder all those guys go hard and you've probably never heard of them, Tim slays, Michael Shreds, and Ben is a crazy mofo!

Shoutouts: Huge shoutout to my sister Daniela she's been super supportive of this insane sport I do for a long time and I love her to death, same to my mom even when she's a pain she helps me get through this others can't. My sister's boyfriend Keith who I've grown really close with throughout the years. He's like a brother to me and I hope he can say the same about me. Of course my sponsors Will, Joe, John, Dubes, David, and all the homies are resource. I couldn't do what I do without them! Love you guys!