Team Riders

Assault Team Rider - Andrew TuckerFebruary 24, 2015

Name: Andrew Nathan Tucker

Nickname: Tucker

Hometown: Glendora

How long have you been skating:  5 years in downhill 4 years of street before that.

Sponsors:  flowed by Arsenal, Ojoom and Xtreme Board Shop.

First setup: (all around): Swap meet cruiser board(still have it haha), Randal 42/42, seismic hot spots 78a, seismic Tektons.

Current Setup: Arsenal Precisions, Rayne exorcist, Rad advantages

What is your favorite hill:  Decker to the Beach

Regular or Goofy:  Goof

Favorite after-sesh meal:  In-N-Out

Tell us about yourself/age: I am 22 years young and working for Sport Chalet (in Glendora of course). Currently don't have a car so my skateboard doubles as a vehicle. I grew up riding/ fixing bikes, and am a bike mechanic at Sport Chalet. Love taking long runs down mountain roads and passes. Wish to be able to travel the world, if it's for skating my life will be complete.

Fun fact about you: My last name has a big relevance to downhill skateboarding. And I'm up for skating whenever, wherever.

Other Hobbies: riding and fixing bikes

If you could pick any movie character to describe your life what would it be: I don't think I can really pick, but maybe the narrator from fight club (Edward Norton). A lot of things seem to be happening around me and I'm trying my best to take control of the situation. While the whole word seems to fall apart around me at times, but in the end I'm with the ones that matter.

Skater Idols: racing style/speed Kevin Reimer. General stoke for community and being involved Louis Pilloni.

Shoutouts: Mom is the biggest. And anyone who has taken time to help me improve my skating.