Team Riders

Recon Flow Team Rider - Phillip SacksFebruary 24, 2015


Name:  Philip Sacks

Nickname: Philipo

Hometown:  Reno, NV

How long have you been skating:  3 years

Sponsors:  Arsenal Precision Trucks, Tahoe Longboards

First setup: (all around):  landyachtz switchblade, bear trucks, zombie hawgs

Current Setup:  Tahoe Longboards Cutthroat, Arsenal Trucks 47 degrees, Method Airs

What is your favorite hill:  it's a secret ;) (or cowtown)


Regular or Goofy:  regular

Favorite after-sesh meal:  burritos!

Tell us about yourself/age:  Recent college graduate from the university of Nevada. 23 years old

Fun fact about you:    Played two years of college baseball

Other Hobbies:  mountain biking

If you could pick any movie character to describe your life what would it be:  butters from South Park

Skater Idols: all of the z boys!