Team Riders

Assault Team Rider - Alex AdamsDecember 11, 2014


Name:  Alex Adams

Nickname:  Don’t really have one. Someone should definitely give me one (anyone other than Grant).

Hometown:  Clovis CA- Originally from Tustin/Huntington beach but that was back when I only surfed and skied.

How long have you been skating:  Since 2009 so 5 years.

Sponsors:  Method Skateboards/wheels, Arsenal Trucks, Party Pat Slide Pucks, H.I.L.L Skate Media.

How long have you been with Arsenal:  I’ve been with Arsenal through the entire process of r&d and initiation so about a year now.

First setup: (all around):  My first setup was a landyachtz 2010 switchblade with bear 852s and offset 81a freerides.

Current Setup:  My current setup switches between a chopped Method Birdie Prototype and a Madrid Havoc with Arsenal 182mm 47* with 92a ronin bs and 90a riptides rs and for freeride the Method Air and for downhill some Method prototype dh wheels.

What is your favorite hill:  Cowtown or Wonder Valley. Wonder Valley is where it all began for me and where I learned to go fast... but cowtown... is just so prime.

Regular or Goofy:  Regular

Favorite after-sesh meal:  This one Mexican restaurant in Clovis that my original crew used to go to after 8 hours of skating. This was before we were old enough to drive so we skated about 30 miles to get to our sesh spots and back. The restaurant was right across the street from our favorite bike path and it was amazing and not too expensive. I think it was called Chapala Grill???

Tell us about yourself/age:  I’m 19 years old and I won’t be 20 until June 22 2015. I’m a junior at the California Maritime Academy studying international business and supply chain logistics and I’m going to be getting my JD/MBA and hopefully a PhD in organizational behavior in the future. I like to go fast in general, whether it is on a board or behind a steering wheel. I prefer downhill over freeride and extreme sports are a big part of my life as I really dig the fact that I get to push the limits of human capacity on a daily basis. I use skating as a substitute for other lifestyle choices and I’m 19 years sober/clean of any substances!(will continue this indefinitely) Other than big time sports I really enjoy spending time with my girlfriend Janelle and going on runs with my dog Tesla.

Fun fact about you:  I have two webbed toes on each feet.

Funny Problem:  I drive about 350 miles a week and I have a sketchy 2001 dodge Neon that misfires on the reg.

Other Hobbies:  I snowboard competitively and ski for funsies. I also play trombone and piano in jazz/orchestra/band/etc.. and I can also make my way around a trumpet/french horn/euphonium/accordion. Water polo and swim were a big part of my life until about a year ago. I recently started doing ballet with my girlfriend and that is pretty intense not going to lie I struggle immensely.

If you could pick any movie character to describe your life what would it be:  Joe the Chicken from Surf’s Up


Shoutouts:  I think the person most deserving of a shoutout is the man behind the scenes Paul Dickie. I’ve been working with him for Method for about 4 years now and recently with Arsenal and I don’t think I would have been able to progress this far without his support so thanks to you Paul. Also I’d like to shoutout to my family for not making me quit when I came home with large portions of my skin missing and for paying for my medical bills when I broke/sprained/tore something skating. And finally to my girlfriend Janelle Bell who is dtfc (down to follow car) and constantly supports my skating and lifestyle in general.