Team Riders

Assault Team Rider - DJ FallonDecember 11, 2014

Name:  Dylan Jackson 

Nickname:  Dj or Deej 

Hometown:  Flathead, Montana (yes redneck) but I'm Sactown fer sure 

How long have you been skating: I got into serious Dh skating in 2010. 

Sponsors:  Drang longboards, Arsenal trucks, & Method wheels

How long have you been with Arsenal:  Ah Arsenal brought me on I’d have to say 4 months ago. 

First setup:  Oh god Kebbek JimZ drop deck drop thru flush cut, with 35° Randall Dh trucks, and 90mm flywheels. I like to go fast in straight lines back then. 

Current setup:  My drang pro model not yet released, with 47° Arsenals, and prototype method wheels or Airs. (Great things to come) 

Favorite hill:  Gotta be Sexual Eruption! Neighborhood run at probably close to 50mph will make your eyeballs have tears of joy! 

Goofy or Regular:  Regular 


Favorite after sesh meal:   mmmm chocolate coconut water! And and a huge sandwich 

Tell us about you/age:   Well I'm about to be 22 on November 19th 2014. When I first started I never wore a helmet... Well I slammed my dome and fractured my skull, dice then I've had a stutter. My thought on skating is if you aren’t the best by my age you will never be just go out and enjoy it! Spread the stoke. I work a bazillion hours a week and spend as much time with my girl as I can but still make time to skate so no excuses! 

If you could pick any movie character to describe your life what would it be?  Otto from Rocket Power. That guy was awesome. 

Fun fact:  I mongo push and foot brake 

Funny problem:   I continue to buy skate gear and car parts even though I'm in debt I have a problem 

Other Hobbies:  Other hobbies: rebuilding my Fiero or 4 wheelin in my jeep 

Shoutouts:  People seem to forget where they came from so my biggest thanks is to Big daddy at Tactis sk8 for taking me to events and Keith Henderson for pushing me to get better! And my Momma because without her I would have never been here or been able to start skating!