Team Riders

Recon Team Rider - Mike MayhewNovember 18, 2015

Name:  Michael Mayhew

Nickname: Mike

Hometown:  Annapolis, Maryland

How long have you been skating: 4 years  

Sponsors: Tahoe Longboards, Entitlement Urethane, Team Goofy, Arsenal Trucks!

First setup: (all around): Krooked Zig zagger, Thunder trucks, orangatang purple stim's

Current Setup: Tahoe Longboard's Angora, Arsenal precisions 42*, Venom tall barrels 90a, Entitlement Tenderloins,
Random mix match bearings

What is your favorite hill: Tahoe Secret Spot

Regular or Goofy:  Goofy, why be regular?

Favorite after-sesh meal: lasagna and a Stone ipa


Tell us about yourself/age: I am 23 years old, a father to Rex Mayhew who is now 3 and I'm very sure he loves action and skateboards just as much as I.

Fun fact about you: Mike cannot cook  

Other Hobbies: snowboarding, endurocross, cars, spray paint art

If you could pick any movie character to describe your life what would it be:  Sully from monsters Inc or Will Ferrel in Daddy’s home.

Skater Idols: Sergio and Wyatt, they do want they want and have fun.

Shoutouts: to the YOKECREW homies and to Team Arsenal!